How valuable would it be for your clients and staff to not only SEE YOUR VISION...
But also appreciate your ideas so deeply they accept them as their own?

About Financial Sales Authority

The Financial Sales Authority Inc. is the leading sales training company for the financial services industry in Canada. We use our education as Master Practitioners of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to go beyond what was previously possible and help our clients to effortlessly grow their businesses and close more sales.

Naturally, our practice has expanded from the financial sector to all those who are seeking to increase their abilities in communication using NLP as a strong base. Certified as Master Practitioners by the National Federation of NLP, our coaches have had a long track record of growing strong successful businesses. The Financial Sales Authority has used this knowledge to create programs such as the FAAST (Financial Advisor Accumulation and Sales Techniques).

These programs are not only for entrepreneurs, but individuals looking to enhance their resumes, as completion of this course provides the certification of Advanced Communication and Sales Practitioner (NLP). If you are looking to improve your ability to communicate with your clients and employees, increase your closing ratio, have more empowering goals, manage your state more effectively, accomplish more success with less effort, or even lose some weight or stop smoking, you should call us, today!

Both Lenny and Colleen are certified Master Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as certified in Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. Having learned from one of the top NLP Master Coach Practitioners, Dr. William Horton, Colleen and Lenny are licensed through the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Their combined financial experience of 17 plus years in finance paired with their high level sales training expertise has afforded them the opportunity to help others excel within their financial practices.

Lenny Kerman

Lenny Kerman began his career in the financial industry in 2003. He has held positions with TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice, Laurentian Financial, and was a Senior Account Manager at Walton Capital Management.

Over the past three years, while founding Altaview Financial Group and then Kings Landing Financial, Lenny has taken a keen interest in coaching others in sales. As an entrepreneur with a proven track record of success , it was natural to pair his knowledge in finance and sales to developed the base of the Financial Sales Authority.

Colleen McKay

Colleen McKay began her career as a Registered Representative in a Private Wealth firm dealing with some of the wealthiest families in Canada. She continued her career in the Alterative Investment space where professional self-development became a key objective. As a natural coaching personality at heart, she developed a profound interest in education focusing on sales within the financial industry.

The FAAST (Financial Advisor Accumulation and Sales Techniques) Course

Take your success to new heights.

If you are looking to improve your ability to communicate with your clients, increase your closing ratio, have more empowering goals, manage your time and state more effectively, and accomplish more success with less effort, join us for one of our FAAST weekend courses. In our course you will learn valuable new skills that will change you and your business such as:

  • New behaviour generator - banishing bad habits and bringing forth powerful motivational techniques
  • Effortless Rapport Building
  • Natural closing methods
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Goal setting and Achievement
  • One on one meeting dynamics
  • Psychology of Successful business leaders.

Success is just a weekend away.

Course Dates

November 1st - 2nd

Location: Vaughan

9:30-5pm Both Days


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December 11th - 12th

Location Vaughan

9:30-5pm Both Days


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